Beating Heart

We have seen an emoji of heart many times which is having two lines over its both corners and think that for what does it indicates. This emoji is known as the beating heart which indicates that your heart is beating very fast and expressing your feelings in the form of an emoji. Sometimes we are not able to express our feelings and at that time this emoji helps a lot so that without even explaining you can share your feelings with your partner or love one. The lines over this heart emoji indicate the vibration of your real heart so whenever you feel that due to any case your heart is beating very fast then you can use this email of beating heart. The beating heart emoji is able to use when you are very excited or overwhelming for anything which is unable to bear. This emoji of beating heart was approved in 2010 by the Unicode 6.0 and in 2015 it was added to the list of Emoji 1.0 and is a very good one to share your feelings of life, love, and excitement. There is also some other names by which people used to call this emoji and these names are heart alarm, butterflies in the stomach, heartbeat etc.

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