Black Heart

Black is the color which is not used for good things , it has been thought that this the color of devils and negativity which is not good in its own so people avoid to use black color most of the time. At the time of worship it is recommended not to wear black color clothes as it attracts negative power. In the list of heart emojis we have also seen a black color heart and there are many people who genuinely do not know the meaning of this black color heart or why and when to use it. This black color heart is used to show the cold feeling in your love when all of the excitement has ruin or nothing left. This black color of heart symbolizes the dark corner in your heart where you are having a lot of pain , morbidity , feeling of sorrow means sadness or any kind of a dark humor which is present inside you due to any thing like death , evil feeling or lack of compassion. So , all over this black emoji is used to express the feeling of sadness. People also called this heart as a dark heart as it shows all of the dark feelings present in your heart due to any condition or situation.

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