Blue Heart

Heart in science is just an organ which pumps out the blood but in human nature, it is the most essential part which contains emotions, feelings, the affection of love , care and much more. From ancient time the symbol of the heart is being used as to denote love in this technical world we use emoji and have seen several types of heart emoji with different colors and also have seen the emoji of blue color heart and thinks that what does this indicates. The symbol which is used on Valentine’s day is love now , we are talking about the blue heart emoji this emoji has a very deep and eternal feelings and emotions attached to it as it shows how deep is your love or affection towards your partner so it is basically an indication for showing a deep and stable love in the partners or couple and denotes the trust , harmony , peace, loyalty between them it basically symbolizes a very deep and stable love. This emoji is also known as the blue heart, love heart, stable heart, loyal heart, trust and much more.

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