Couple with Heart

The next emoji of love which is available on Android is couple with heart, it is the cutest and very lovely emoji in this list which is denoting a deep feeling of love in between a man and woman and the floating heart in between their hearts express that they are attached emotionally with each other sometimes this emoji is also misunderstood but another emoji in which couple are kissing but this is the simple emoji where a man and woman are standing side by side and it seems that they are madly in love with each other which is betterly described by this floating pink colour heat over their head. The smile on their face is adorable and looks very peaceful. If you are also madly in love with your partner and wants to show your feeling of love with him or her then you are able to use this emoji for sharing your feeling of adorable love. This cute emoji comes in the list of emojis in 2015 and till now it is very trending and expressed at different situations where the words are not enough but the emoji says all of your feelings of heart. This emoji is also mostly used by the couple’s to share or denote their relationship status and expressing their eternal feelings of immense love. Sometimes people also called this emoji by different names like couple in love or the couple loving each other which are falling in love for both of them and expressing their feeling.

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