Green Heart

A heart emoji is used to express a lot of sensational and emotional feelings without even saying just to indicate your partner basically the emoji of heart is used to show your emotion and affection of love , the long-lasting and best associated feeling of human is love. We have seen different colors of heart in our emoji and by seeing green heart we thinks that for what does this symbol indicates so let us tell you that why the color of this heart is green , most of the time we feel love but sometimes it happens that we feel jealous by some talks or with some views and for showing that particular feeling of jealousy we use this emoji of green heart. Although in the sections of emoji the green heart is just designed to look different and showing something new but after release it is being used as a jealous heart , it just like a different and attractive bead in the heaps of beads. So there are different people who uses the symbols for different reasons and different feelings and this green is used to show your feeling of jealousy , if you are possessive for someone then also you can use this green heart for showing possessive love or showing the feeling of envy. There are several other names also to do this heart by which people used to call it are Green heart over , nature heart , rebirth , reborn , jealous, envious , possessive , clingy heart etc.

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