Growing Heart

When we are in love with someone , cares for someone and the time moves on our feelings got deep and more deep and the feeling in your heart do not remain in your control it just flows smoothly and risen up day by day as we are talking about the heart emojis so if you are also having this kind of feeling and unable to express it in words then this emoji will be the best option for you to share your feeling with your partner. The emoji of growing heart is having the combination of many hearts which are pink in color , this hearts are embedded in each other and starts from a small heart which is getting bigger and bigger this shows that your feelings are getting deep and deeper and growing continuously. It is also used when your heart beats gets increased and the size of your heart become big due to the enlargement of it because of any sensational talk or emotional feel. So , you can use this email to express your growing feelings of love and care with your partner. There are also some other names by which growing heart is also known as , these names are like multiple hearts or the Triple heart as it contain three embedded hearts in them.

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