Purple Heart

As , we are in the list of emoji so in our list the next heart emoji about which we are going to talk is purple heart looks somewhat weird that the colour of heart is purple as there is no basic indication or use of purple color in the line of love yes, you are right but in this emoji world every color has it’s own meaning, sense and feeling and same does this purple heart. The purple color of heart is not just only for a change or anything it has a deep meaning although it is not clear but it varies according to the situation some says that purple color of heart is for showing your sexual desire over your partner and it is used by the couple when he or she is Keen on the other and wants to talk about some amorous adventure with them while some others also says that the purple coloured heart symbolizes the sensitivity, understanding among couple, compassionate love. There are some indications for the purple color heart like duty, honor, loyalty and good judgment for which it is known. In the military of United States the veterans on being injured are awarded the purple heart which is their a symbol of sacrifice and honor for their country.

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