Heart Emoji Black, Red, Pink – Copy and Paste

Emoji Heart

This emoji image is the symbol of sensation in love which is denoting the beating or vibration of heart, these vibrations are shown by these two lines above the symbol of a heart.

Beating Heart

Most of the time people use this emoji of beating heart for expressing their feeling , life or love. The emoji of beating heart was approved in 2010 as the part of Unicode 6.0 and was added to the list of Emoji 1.0 in the year 2015. There are some other common names also for this emoji these are butterflies in stomach , heart alarm, heartbeat etc.


Broken Heart

This emoji if the broken heart is the symbol of love heart which has broken in two pieces due to any of the reason. The lovebirds or couple use this symbol when they got hurt by anything or talk and they can also use this symbol when they are missing their love one who is not with them. Their some other common names also for the emoji of broken heart these names are breaking heart , heart broken , broken hearted etc.

Green Heart

This is a heart emoji which is green in color basically it was designed green to just have some different look then of red , pink or orange heart and this emoji is appearing for the show of beads of sweat on the other hearts. Generally , people call it as the jealous heart and is mostly used when some one is being jealous or feeling jealousy from any person or the talks.

Growing Heart

This emoji is having heart in heart combination in which a pink heart is established in another pink heart which is slightly larger in size that pink heart is again inside of a larger pink heart which is just used to show or express the growth of heart size due to any sensitive talk or increasing heartbeats. The growing heart is also known as the multiple heart or the triple heart.


💖Sparkling Heart

This emoji is a cute pink heart a symbol of love which is sparkling due to stars around it which makes it to look beautiful and shimmering. There is no specific emoji heart meaning of this symbol but it is used by people mostly when they are happy from the heart and some also use it due to its beautiful look. The sparkling heart is also known by the names of Sparkle heart, Sparkly heart , Stars heart.

Blue Heart

The emoji of blue heart has a very deep and sensible emoji heart color meanings within it as the heart is a symbol of love and affection the blue heart emoji shows a very deep and stable love between a couple and shows the trust, harmony, loyalty, and peace between them.

Couple With Heart

This emoji is showing that a couple are sitting together in front of each other with acute smile and a pink colored love heart is floating in air between both of them which generally displaying a relationship status between a man and woman. So , this emoji is used to express love and relationship status by couple. This emoji is also known as the couple in love or loving couple as they both are falling in love with each other in this emoji.

Purple Heart

This emoji of purple heart has its on meaning which is related to the sexual desire. The purple heart emoji is mostly used by the partner when he or she is Keen over you and is with the mindset of talking about an amorous adventure.

Heart With Ribbon

This emoji of heart ribbon generally shows a surprise box which is in heart shipped and tiesd with a ribbon. This box can be a gift box , chocolate box or jwellery box or anything which is having some surprising thing for your partner. This emoji is also known as the chocolate box , gift box or gift heart for your love partner.


Heart Decoration

This emoji is denoting a decorated heart in which a normal heart is decorated by a boundary or packed in a box for sharing the feeling if intense love and care.

Heart With Arrow

The emoji of heat with an arrow is having a cute heart in which the sharp arrow is implemented. This emoji is the meaning of showing a Cupid shoot of love. Mostly couple uses this emoji when they got badly heart by anything which seems like very painful in heart. So for showing those feelings this heart with arrow emoji is used and it is also known as the Cupid arrow or the love struck.

Yellow Heart

This emoji of heart is of yellow or golden color in your emoji’s list. This hear is basically a denotation of love with your best friend or the person who is close to heart. If you are snap chat user then you have seen this emoji in front of some of your contacts which denotes that with that particular person you snap most #1 best friend and later on after er the two weeks yellow heart goes converted into the symbol of love which is red heart. This heart is also known as the #1 BF Snapchat or the gold heart which is pure.

Black Heart

The black colored heart emoji shows a dark corner of your heart which is used for expressing sorrow , morbidity or a kind of dark humor inside you. Basically , this emoji is used to express a feeling of sadness. The emoji of Black heart is also known by the name of dark heart.


Revolving Heart 

This is cutest emoji in which two or more hearts are revolving to each other in most of the cases there are two hearts which revolve in circular motion denoting the bond between each other. This is another emoji of love which shows a perfect bond between couple. This revolving heart emoji is also known as the two hearts.

White Heart Suit

This is a special character which is found only on the browsers you can emoji heart copy and paste it as this is a character, not an image so can be copied to Twitter , Facebook or Instagram on the left side for denoting your special feelings. You can not find this emoji on Android or iOS devices.


Heart With Tip On The Left

It is a brand new emoji introduced recently in 2014 by the Unicode 7.0 , this emoji of heart with tip on the left is a browser emoji which is found there only and can be used after copy paste it is not found on Android or iOS devices. This is a new and cute emoji for describing your heart moving or pointing your feelings toward some one.


 Red Heart

A red color heart is always used as the symbol of love which is a classic love heart emoji used by everyone for expressing their feeling of love. In WhatsApp when you send this red heart emoji to some one it gets bigger and beats becoming large and small in its size which seems very cute and denotes the feeling of your heart. This emoji is known by different names like Heart , Love heart , Red heart.

♥️ Heart Suit 

This heart symbol or emoji is also red in color but in some devices it is shown as black in color but do not get confused it with the black heart emoji both are different. This is same as you have seen in the card games for the card of heart suits. This emoji is also known as the card with heart , hearts , heart suit , black heart suit etc.

Person Shrugging

In this emoji a person is shrugging their shoulder which is showing that for the particular topic they do not have enough knowledge or do not care about that situation and its result. This emoji is a very sweet and expressing your thought regarding any topic without even embarrassing your mate. This emoji is also known as the shrugging or shrug.

Face With Tears Of Joy

Due to it’s small size sometimes it was mistakenly with the emoji of tears of sadness but this emoji indicates that you are laughing or happy up to such extent that your tears are coming out of your eyes which are the tears of Joy. So , when you are very much happy you use this emoji for expressing your inside happiness which is coming from your heart. This emoji is also known as the laughing , LOL Laughing crying , laughing tears.

Emoji Heart Eyes

This is a very cute emoji in which a smiling face is expressed in which on the place of eyes their are hearts which is generally known as the heart eyes emoji. This emoji is mostly used for expressing your feeling of love like as of I love or I love this. This emoji is also known as the heart eyes , heart face , smiling face with heart shaped eyes.

Smiling face with smiling eyes

This emoji is having a cute smiley face with the Rosy cheeks and smiling eyes which is generally a true sense of your happiness. In this emoji you see that the smiling face is not showing any teeth as it is with close mouth and this is the thing which makes it different and unique from other smiling face emoji in which mouth is open showing teeth.This emoji is also known as the happy face , smile or smiley face.


Face blowing a kiss

The emoji of a face which is blowing a kiss has its one eye close and other open or winking and a heart is denoting the blowing of kiss from mouth which simply express your feeling of kiss or love. This emoji is also known as the blow a kiss , blowing kiss , kissing , face throwing a kiss.