Red Heart

You know red color is a sign of Love, Red heart denotes Love and Romance so whenever you send heart emoji to someone special it feels good, you can use this emoji on Facebook post and comment to make your post unique and different so people will see your post, You can also use this emoji on WhatsApp, it feels great when you send and receive with heart, You can send many types of emojis but red heart emoji is one of them where their many feelings and love fully loaded inside the heart.

Red the color of love everyone knows about this. When we talk about the color of heart the first which comes in our mind is red colour and most of the time we uses red color heart for showing our feeling of love , care , affection , passion , romance etc.

The red colored heart emoji is mostly used to symbolize the feeling of love as the color of human blood is also red due to blood and this emoji is also red both are correlated with each other in many terms and are the first choice of couple for expressing their feelings.

The red heart is also used when you have a feeling of deep or intense desire for any one like your crush you can symbolize your feeling with help of this emoji. It is also a classic heart which is very popular and used a lot by couples, today the Whatsapp is one of the most popular chatting apps and it contains a big heap of emoji.

On WhatsApp while chatting when you send this symbol of single red heart and click on send it gets bigger and starts beating like a real heart by being bigger and smaller in size. It seems very cute, attractive and shows the complete feeling of your heart. On Valentine day or at any love day we use this red color heart and show our feelings to our loved one as the color of love is also red it is the best emoji which is ever described with special qualities of it.

There are many other names also for this emoji which side often called as love heart, heart, red heart, Passionate heart.

If you are sending single heart on WhatsApp then it will be beating heart but whenever you send multiple of heart in a single message with text or other words and emoji so it doesn’t beat heart, so I suggest you whenever you text someone then you can use single heart if feels good when it is beating heart. You can use this emoji to send to your family, wife, friends, and girlfriend and you can use this emoji to your boss, whenever you send heart emoji to someone they will read your message with a smile for sure.

So you can use these emoji on Facebook post and Comments and also in messages, and you can use these emoji on WhatsApp because sometimes when you want to try something unique and different so you can use this. So just copy this emojis and paste it anywhere and anytime.

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